TiksPac Sweden

Falkenberg, Sverige

Main office. The company was established in 2001.

TiksPac Norway


The TiksPac concept was established in Norway in 2008.

TiksPac Denmark


The TiksPac concept was established in Denmark in 2009.

TiksPac Finland


The TiksPac concept was established in Finland in 2014.

TiksPac England

Great Britain

The TiksPac concept was established in the England in 2014/2015.

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Tikspac is conquering the world!

Keep things clean with a TiksPac dog waste bag!

While out walking you soon discover that many people do not pick up after their dogs – an impression that is not exactly positive. Given that there are more than 60 million dogs in Europe, this is a big problem. The TiksPac concept comprises the TiksPac station and TiksPac dog waste bags. This is a dispenser station with dog waste bags located along popular public walkways.

CSR for municipalities
The TiksPac concept is an environmental concept in which stations and free dog waste bags are placed in selected locations such as paths, parks, beaches and other public places.

The TiksPac concept, which includes TiksPac-station and TiksPac-dog waste bag, is free for the municipality, which is also responsible for ensuring that there are always dog waste bags available at each TiksPac station. The concept is sponsored by businesses, which have their logo on display, thereby supporting efforts to improve the local environment while at the same time demonstrating their CSR commitment.

RENT for private spaces
TiksPac offers a solution that is win-win for both tenants and those who work with green spaces. In this concept, housing associations and property rental companies rent TiksPac stations and locate them in their neighbourhoods. The housing association / property rental company gets its own brand exposed through the decals on the station.

The TiksPac stations with dog waste bags are available in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, and now the UK as well. There are lots of countries interested in our concept for clean public spaces.



  • In Sweden since 2001

  • In Finland since 2014

  • In Norway since 2008

  • In Denmark since 2009

  • In England since 2014


TIkspac in 5 countrys today! Tomorrow?

Profitable growth company

The company’s mission is to protect the environment by keeping paths and streets clean of dog mess This is done by providing stations with 100% biodegradable dog waste bags that are free for the dog owner. The stations are in the form of signs mounted on existing poles.

It’s a simple concept, but it is well thought out. The company’s market position in Scandinavia, especially in Sweden, which is the company’s main market, speaks for itself. The company has agreements with more than half of Sweden’s municipalities, as well as great potential in other Nordic markets, and England. The company is profitable and growing rapidly.

Overall TiksPac is a profitable growth company in a stable niche that the company has created. The business concept is well proven and optimised, and the majority of customers extend their sponsorship agreements, which indicates that the market finds value in the product. For municipalities, the product is an obvious one, which is indicated by the constant signing of new municipal agreements. Municipalities get a cleaner local environment and they avoid the cost of dog waste bags.


International expansion

TiksPac has commenced an international expansion and has chosen
England as its first market outside of Scandinavia. The company is also expanding its product portfolio with the concept RENT.
It is important for shareholders that there are new markets and new product areas, which together with existing markets can maintain growth. TiksPac has despite large market share, particularly in Sweden, continued to sign new contracts with municipalities and the number of sold advertising spaces increases.

Contact our representative and we will be happy to tell you more.

Stefan Arvidsson
CEO/Sales Manager Europe
+46 (0)346-734 721
+46 (0)700-48 56 37

Investor Relations

TiksPac on AktieTorget

TiksPac AB has been listed on AktieTorget since the end of 2013. Prior to listing, the company was a real growth rocket that on several occasions was awarded the Gazelle Title by Dagens Industri (a Swedish financial newspaper). TiksPac was named as a
Gazelle Company for three consecutive years (2011-2013). Even following listing
the fantastic rate of development has continued. The company is one of  only a few companies on Aktietorget that can be invested in based on key indicators from external analysts.

Turnover has increased every year, this growth rate puts the company high up in the growth league for listed shares. A company that exhibits this rate of growth could be valued at least 50 percent higher when seen as a pure valuation multiple. The company is frequently signing new agreements which suggest that the growth will continue.

All communication to the market takes place at www.aktietorget.se. and at www.tikspac.com

For information in english, please contact AktieTorget phone 08-545 03 800, or by e-mail marknadsmeddelanden@aktietorget.se